Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ode to Your Cock

Rising to the occasion
my sexuality is saluted
by your honest engorgement.
My lust is answered
with your throbbing pulse.
My nipples give tribute
in a standing ovation
to the frissions of ecstasy
your responsive shaft
creates in my fevered brain
as I tease you with my tongue.
Thrusting inside my sucking mouth
enjoyment evident in your dance
I explode with spasms
of pure wringing pleasure.
Sliding my lips along you
my nerves fire
as I taste your growing ache
in slick droplets atop your crown.
Lunging into my throat
you jerk with release
and your cum fills my mouth
with a hot tide of rapture.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Piece Of Paradise - an erotic poem

Nestled snugly in honeyed heaven's north
there is a piece of paradise so sweet
that the essence of joy may blossom forth.
My tongue yearns for that lush kernel of heat
tender, slick flesh peeking eagerly out
from fragrant folds swollen with keen delights.
My worship is both lusty and devout
as the succulent clitoris invites-
at the cathedral of her thighs I pray
down on my knees, my face buried in bliss.
Fingers laced in my hair show me the way,
guiding my mouth to each delicious kiss.