Friday, February 13, 2009

Becky's Purple Passion

Rebecca walked up the steps to her front porch, a bag of groceries on her hip. Checking her mail she found a small package. She smiled like a six year old with a new Barbie. She'd been eagerly awaiting this item since she ordered it on Monday. Things were going great. It was not only the end of the work week and payday but it looked like she'd be having a little extra fun that evening.

All week at work she'd been bothered by her over-active sex drive. It didn't help that she worked with six young women, three of whom would classify as luscious. She was bombarded with visions of tight little asses and sweater clad breasts ranging from firm handfuls to juicy cantaloupes. Carla was wearing something particularly alluring that Friday. She had on a very soft pink microfiber fluff sweater cut to accent her slender waist and show off her ample cleavage with the help of a clever push-up bra. Apparently she'd chapped her lips water skiing as she kept licking them in a maddeningly sexy way. Rebecca wondered if she'd need a drool bib with all this fresh young femininity surrounding her when she was already horny as Hell.

To make matters worse Carla was just back from her vacation and hugging everyone when they arrived. Rebecca inhaled her scent as they embraced, felt her nipples harden as Carla squeezed her breathtaking tits against her own perky pair. Carla smelled like sunshine and tropical fruit well mixed with feminine musk. Becky heroically resisted the urge to grind her pelvis against her co-worker during the hug. Dangerous territory, that mental space. All these girls were hopelessly straight and twice as hopelessly fundamentalist.

Throughout the day Becky reflected on that warm press of flesh as she crafted the pieces for her new client's display home. Her arrangements held a special vibrance that day as her tension and sexuality shaped her art. Around noon, Carla was leaving for the rest of the day. Becky looked at her and grinned like the Cheshire Cat. Carla rewarded her smile with another big hug.

"It's great to be back! I'll see you tomorrow."
"Have a lovely afternoon, C."
"You too!"

Such rote pleasantries briefly distracted Rebecca from the aching in her groin. Very briefly. Becky stepped into the handicapped restroom and shut the door behind her, turning on the fan to muffle any sound. She soaped and washed her hands, drying them thoroughly before sitting on the throne. Becky pushed her pants and panties to the floor around her ankles and carefully touched the moist nest of her pubic hair, sliding her fingers down to her clit and over the opening of her pussy. She licked her fingers delicately like a cat tasting cream. Slipping her now saliva wet fingers over her clit and across her yearning pussy she rubbed up and down sampling the slick interior of her vagina with trembling fingers. Her touch felt like heaven as she spread her slippery lubrication over the now exposed bud of her clitoris. Feather light she stroked it, first slow, then fast her breath deepening and coming in gasps. Becky's left hand reached up under her shirt and over the top of her brassiere to pinch her tingling nipple. Pressing her right hand now firmly over her vagina she ground it in a deep circular motion until she had to bite her lip as she felt her orgasm build. She groaned through her teeth and the lip pinched by them, a guttural but soft sound of animal need. Her muscles clenched in sharp flashes of pleasure and goosebumps sprang up on her limbs while her eyes rolled slightly back into her head. A small sound, almost a laugh escaped her.

Thinking about Carla's compelling tits got her through the rest of the day.

Rebecca struggled a bit with her package, groceries, and the keys but managed to unlock her door before she dropped the bag of groceries. Becky shoved her perishables in the fridge with little care for organization and left the dry goods on the table to be put away later. She scampered to the living room with her package and a letter opener. Inside the plain package it wasn't quite what she's expected but since she'd never bought one before she had little to compare it with. The blister pack inside read "3 Speed G-Spot Vibrator - Passionate Purple - Takes Two 'AA' Batteries (not included)." She pulled the vibrator out of its packaging with a little difficulty and ripping of cardstock. The business end was shaped somewhat like a small egg gently slanted across the top of a slender plastic shaft. There were no directions. Rebecca shrugged and took her new toy up to her bathroom where she washed it with warm soapy water before drying it and putting in the two 'AA' batteries from her television remote. Turning the dial on the base she discovered it had some pretty serious shaking capacity for a battery powered device. Giggling, she grabbed a tube of lube and headed to her bedroom.

Shucking off her clothes, Becky flopped onto her bed with her new G-Spot Vibrator and her tube of lube. She squeezed an overly generous dollop of lubricant onto the vibrator and started stroking the opening of her vagina with the egg-shaped head of the device to spread the slippery stuff around. The plastic warmed up with her body heat and experimentally she pushed the top of it into her now hungry pussy. Ooh, that was an interesting sensation! She used it as a dildo for a bit not delving very deep but concentrating on popping the egg-shaped end in and out of her vagina. Finally she decided that good as that was feeling it was time to try out the "vibrate" function of her very first vibrator. Gingerly she turned the dial on the base to the first setting while the head of the toy rested inside of her pussy. She flinched a bit as her vaginal muscles tightened involuntarily at the first vibrations.

She resumed ducking the toy shallowly into her cunt with renewed vigor. As the bulging top pressed against the front wall of her vagina she felt something distinctly different but nice. Very nice. Pressing harder at the "different" spot inside her hole she clumsily turned the dial to the highest setting and began stroking rhythmically without pulling the purple bulge out of her pussy. She was surprised at the pressure she felt herself aching to apply on her g-spot but she just went with the feeling. Her strokes grew a bit jerky just before cumming hard with sharp sparks of pleasure spasming in her pussy and throughout her body. She let loose a loud, choked moan and pressed her eyes shut to glowing mandelbrots as waves of sensation rippled through her, her entire body feeling like a giant clit.

She pulled the sticky slick vibrator from her pussy, sighing as the top popped out.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so that's the G-Spot!" she thought.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


by Kylyssa Shay

Rapture, kissing
Inhalations hissing
Jiggling, wiggling
Helplessly giggling

Bumping, grinding
Partially unwinding
Turning, churning
Silently yearning

Lewd lingering
Skillfully fingering
Nipping, stripping
Lustfully gripping

Bodies tingling
Playfully mingling
Squeezing, pleasing
Joyfully teasing

Tickling, licking
Vigorously dicking
Lusting, trusting
Ardently thrusting

Horny, soaking
Licentiously stroking
Bucking, sucking
Avidly fucking

Spent, content -