Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Light Attaches to a Girl in Darkness

Colored chalk and charcoal on dark paper.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rain and Metal, and Meteors: A Gay Erotic Story

We drove up the winding road into the orchard and parked on the hilltop. The air was August warm and damp. We lay on the hood of the big Pontiac looking at the sky. His hairy arm pressed against mine as we searched for meteor showers up above.

“You know, there’s an old saying that someone dies every time you see a shooting star,” he said.

“Well, it seems to me there aren’t enough shooting stars to go around in that case,” I replied.

“At least you can’t spoil wishing on them!”

“No, I don’t intend to and you can even have the first one, I already got my wish today.”

I wasn’t looking at his face but if grinning made a noise, I’m sure I would have heard it then. We didn’t see any shooting stars as predicted, cloudy skies blocked out the meteors that night. Or maybe we just weren’t paying close enough attention.

We kept looking even as the first drops of rain began falling. It felt delicious, cleared the dust and sweat right off you. There’s something about that hot and dry meets cool and wet kind of smell that’s kind of wonderful, too.

He said, “Well this isn’t goin' to work tonight!” as he sat up and slid off the car hood.

“Well, maybe we can watch lightning instead?” I countered. “Anyway, there’s a few more days left of the Perseids, maybe tomorrow night’ll be dry and clear.”

We got in the car and watch the rain streaking down the windshield. As we got a little chilly he started up the old car for the heat. The lightning was a disappointment, too, but by that time we’d stopped looking. He awkwardly reached over and took my hand and held it for a minute. He swallowed noisily and cleared his throat. I wondered if my breath was bad or not. I pulled his hand with mine up under my shirt, brushing it against my belly. With my right hand, I unbuttoned my pants. He gasped as I pulled our still clasped hands under the elastic of my underwear.

The back of his warm, damp hand pressed against my cock which felt pretty much like it would explode. He leaned into me and our mouths met. Bristly mustache brushed my shaved upper lip and my thighs started trembling. Our tongues tasted, darted, and explored teeth and lips.

I’m not sure how my pants got off but we were wrassling around in the front seat with that gearshift in the way for some time. It was a big car, but not big enough for some things. He turned off the engine and we stripped down to our socks. God only knows why we left our socks on to go out in the mud but we did. We got out of the car and looked around at the unlikely orchard hill. I wondered first of all what we could actually do together and where in this soggy, lumpy place we could do it. Then he grabbed my hand and drew me to the still toasty warm car hood. We climbed on up and sat, the warm metal pressed against our bare asses. It was a little too warm and I laid back and wiggled around to get a bit of rain under my cheeks. He took this as an invitation (and maybe it was!) and more or less crawled on top of me. It was as clumsy as a box of puppies but his weight felt good on top of me and his hand even better on my cock. We slipped around on the wet metal and though he’d been propping himself up a bit he fell down the rest of the way on me and his crotch slid up against mine. OK, so THAT’S what we could do.

We wriggled against each other then, not sure how to go about it when I reached down and cupped his buttocks in my hands natural as can be. He began to thrust, slipping his penis across mine and I felt my own hips bucking up towards him. We kissed, the cool rain hitting hot flesh and metal, mingling with dust and sweat. All at once I just took off and came all over his belly. He kept rubbing his cock, now very slick with my cum, against my belly until he groaned and bucked and released his load.

We both lay on the car looking up into the rain for a while. The car cooled down and so did we. Shivering, we got back in the Pontiac and dressed in a hurry. I’m not sure why, there was no one anywhere around. My muddy socks squelched unpleasantly inside my shoes but I didn’t mind one bit.

Next morning my Ma asked me if we’d seen any meteors before the rain or if at least the lightning put on a good show. She didn’t understand for a few more years yet but what I told her was this, “there weren’t no shooting stars and the lightning wasn’t too exciting but the fireworks sure were nice!”

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Strange Lust

My mind was a bird cage
lined solely with obituaries
until you came along
with your popcorn heart
and your Silly Putty soul.
You showed me the Sunday comics
on your sleeve
though they were backwards
I still laughed.
Hygienic and symmetrical,
your lips flushed in
perfect genital mimicry -
Soft secondary sexual
characteristics swelling from your sweater
brought a bulge to my Bugle Boys
yet left enough blood to fill my ears
with hot tingling
as your eyes landed my lap.
I couldn't help but fall for your charms.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ode to Your Cock

Rising to the occasion
my sexuality is saluted
by your honest engorgement.
My lust is answered
with your throbbing pulse.
My nipples give tribute
in a standing ovation
to the frissions of ecstasy
your responsive shaft
creates in my fevered brain
as I tease you with my tongue.
Thrusting inside my sucking mouth
enjoyment evident in your dance
I explode with spasms
of pure wringing pleasure.
Sliding my lips along you
my nerves fire
as I taste your growing ache
in slick droplets atop your crown.
Lunging into my throat
you jerk with release
and your cum fills my mouth
with a hot tide of rapture.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Piece Of Paradise - an erotic poem

Nestled snugly in honeyed heaven's north
there is a piece of paradise so sweet
that the essence of joy may blossom forth.
My tongue yearns for that lush kernel of heat
tender, slick flesh peeking eagerly out
from fragrant folds swollen with keen delights.
My worship is both lusty and devout
as the succulent clitoris invites-
at the cathedral of her thighs I pray
down on my knees, my face buried in bliss.
Fingers laced in my hair show me the way,
guiding my mouth to each delicious kiss.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Help, I have a GIANT Pussy!

For me, my early twenties were a wild, wild time. I was very bi-curious and finally, one very drunken night in 1993 I had my first full on lesbian experience. It was wonderful!

Women are wonderful to kiss, soft to the touch, and delicious to all the senses. I couldn't believe I'd waited so long to make love to a woman. The three of us rolled around, touching languorously for hours, cuddling, kissing and pleasing each other. It was my bisexual fantasy - being in bed with a tiny, cute redhead with small, pert breasts and a tall, leggy, honey-blond with big, juicy breasts. We explored each other until we fell asleep sometime around sunrise.

We awoke in a rumpled, tangled pile of arms and legs. My head was resting against a full, rounded breast and a mop of sweet smelling red hair was tucked under my chin. We all had breakfast, not saying much. We shot shy grins at one another. Someone proposed showering and going out.

After a bit of deciding who would shower first we all squeezed into the tub together and girlish, giggling fun ensued. I don't know how clean our hair got but I know our fingers were all pruny and we had the cleanest titties, twats, and booties in town about 40 minutes later. We never went out that day at all; we just changed the sheets and played lingerie dress up while feeding each other ice cream.

All day, something was bothering me. Now, I'd looked at my own genitals before and had a concept in my mind of what a woman's pussy looked like. The only problem was that from what I could tell by looking at the two real live women frolicking in my apartment - my pussy was way; I mean waaaay bigger than either of theirs.

Partway through the day, I brought up my issue. We organized a few side-by-side comparisons and both lovely ladies swore my cooch was exactly the same size as my compatriot's. I was skeptical so I went for my hand mirror to do a bit of comparison myself.

The elfish redhead took the mirror from me and began to chuckle, which turned into a full on belly laugh interjected with snorts. She handed the mirror to the honey blond beauty, tears of mirth streaking her face as gasping, she tried to speak. My other lover took one glance at the mirror and began to laugh as well. Finally, after gasping for air between titters, the taller girl said this to me.

"Honey, it's a magnifying mirror!"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Becky's Purple Passion

Rebecca walked up the steps to her front porch, a bag of groceries on her hip. Checking her mail she found a small package. She smiled like a six year old with a new Barbie. She'd been eagerly awaiting this item since she ordered it on Monday. Things were going great. It was not only the end of the work week and payday but it looked like she'd be having a little extra fun that evening.

All week at work she'd been bothered by her over-active sex drive. It didn't help that she worked with six young women, three of whom would classify as luscious. She was bombarded with visions of tight little asses and sweater clad breasts ranging from firm handfuls to juicy cantaloupes. Carla was wearing something particularly alluring that Friday. She had on a very soft pink microfiber fluff sweater cut to accent her slender waist and show off her ample cleavage with the help of a clever push-up bra. Apparently she'd chapped her lips water skiing as she kept licking them in a maddeningly sexy way. Rebecca wondered if she'd need a drool bib with all this fresh young femininity surrounding her when she was already horny as Hell.

To make matters worse Carla was just back from her vacation and hugging everyone when they arrived. Rebecca inhaled her scent as they embraced, felt her nipples harden as Carla squeezed her breathtaking tits against her own perky pair. Carla smelled like sunshine and tropical fruit well mixed with feminine musk. Becky heroically resisted the urge to grind her pelvis against her co-worker during the hug. Dangerous territory, that mental space. All these girls were hopelessly straight and twice as hopelessly fundamentalist.

Throughout the day Becky reflected on that warm press of flesh as she crafted the pieces for her new client's display home. Her arrangements held a special vibrance that day as her tension and sexuality shaped her art. Around noon, Carla was leaving for the rest of the day. Becky looked at her and grinned like the Cheshire Cat. Carla rewarded her smile with another big hug.

"It's great to be back! I'll see you tomorrow."
"Have a lovely afternoon, C."
"You too!"

Such rote pleasantries briefly distracted Rebecca from the aching in her groin. Very briefly. Becky stepped into the handicapped restroom and shut the door behind her, turning on the fan to muffle any sound. She soaped and washed her hands, drying them thoroughly before sitting on the throne. Becky pushed her pants and panties to the floor around her ankles and carefully touched the moist nest of her pubic hair, sliding her fingers down to her clit and over the opening of her pussy. She licked her fingers delicately like a cat tasting cream. Slipping her now saliva wet fingers over her clit and across her yearning pussy she rubbed up and down sampling the slick interior of her vagina with trembling fingers. Her touch felt like heaven as she spread her slippery lubrication over the now exposed bud of her clitoris. Feather light she stroked it, first slow, then fast her breath deepening and coming in gasps. Becky's left hand reached up under her shirt and over the top of her brassiere to pinch her tingling nipple. Pressing her right hand now firmly over her vagina she ground it in a deep circular motion until she had to bite her lip as she felt her orgasm build. She groaned through her teeth and the lip pinched by them, a guttural but soft sound of animal need. Her muscles clenched in sharp flashes of pleasure and goosebumps sprang up on her limbs while her eyes rolled slightly back into her head. A small sound, almost a laugh escaped her.

Thinking about Carla's compelling tits got her through the rest of the day.

Rebecca struggled a bit with her package, groceries, and the keys but managed to unlock her door before she dropped the bag of groceries. Becky shoved her perishables in the fridge with little care for organization and left the dry goods on the table to be put away later. She scampered to the living room with her package and a letter opener. Inside the plain package it wasn't quite what she's expected but since she'd never bought one before she had little to compare it with. The blister pack inside read "3 Speed G-Spot Vibrator - Passionate Purple - Takes Two 'AA' Batteries (not included)." She pulled the vibrator out of its packaging with a little difficulty and ripping of cardstock. The business end was shaped somewhat like a small egg gently slanted across the top of a slender plastic shaft. There were no directions. Rebecca shrugged and took her new toy up to her bathroom where she washed it with warm soapy water before drying it and putting in the two 'AA' batteries from her television remote. Turning the dial on the base she discovered it had some pretty serious shaking capacity for a battery powered device. Giggling, she grabbed a tube of lube and headed to her bedroom.

Shucking off her clothes, Becky flopped onto her bed with her new G-Spot Vibrator and her tube of lube. She squeezed an overly generous dollop of lubricant onto the vibrator and started stroking the opening of her vagina with the egg-shaped head of the device to spread the slippery stuff around. The plastic warmed up with her body heat and experimentally she pushed the top of it into her now hungry pussy. Ooh, that was an interesting sensation! She used it as a dildo for a bit not delving very deep but concentrating on popping the egg-shaped end in and out of her vagina. Finally she decided that good as that was feeling it was time to try out the "vibrate" function of her very first vibrator. Gingerly she turned the dial on the base to the first setting while the head of the toy rested inside of her pussy. She flinched a bit as her vaginal muscles tightened involuntarily at the first vibrations.

She resumed ducking the toy shallowly into her cunt with renewed vigor. As the bulging top pressed against the front wall of her vagina she felt something distinctly different but nice. Very nice. Pressing harder at the "different" spot inside her hole she clumsily turned the dial to the highest setting and began stroking rhythmically without pulling the purple bulge out of her pussy. She was surprised at the pressure she felt herself aching to apply on her g-spot but she just went with the feeling. Her strokes grew a bit jerky just before cumming hard with sharp sparks of pleasure spasming in her pussy and throughout her body. She let loose a loud, choked moan and pressed her eyes shut to glowing mandelbrots as waves of sensation rippled through her, her entire body feeling like a giant clit.

She pulled the sticky slick vibrator from her pussy, sighing as the top popped out.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so that's the G-Spot!" she thought.