Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Sylph Story

Unwrapped before me she was as a new made creature. Naked on the dry leaves she seemed to have sprung full grown from the moist earth. The tiny hairs on her smooth buttocks glinted in the firelight like dew on a spider web.

I kissed her at the small of her back, nibbling gently up the length of her spine, slowly, to the nape of her neck as she lay face down beneath me. The smell of her skin filled my lungs, dizzying and intoxicating. Nuzzling in the hair behind her ear I traced its curve with my tongue then sucked the lobe between my lips.

Softly, she gasped and squirmed under me, brushing my breasts against her silky skin. My nipples hardened almost painfully in response. She shifted up under me, toppling me onto my side. Both of us giggled breathlessly and I reached to tickle her at the joining of her legs to her waist.

"No, no, no." she snuffled, giggling helplessly as I tickled her mercilessly. She pushed feebly at my hands as if to stop me. We both knew it was just a sham. I wrestled her writhing form down and blew a raspberry into her quivering belly. "Stop." she chortled. "Oh, really?" I replied rubbing my bangs into her stomach. I snuffled, piglike, just below her navel as I firmly held her hips. She squealed and assailed my head with mock blows and wiggled enticingly under me. I lowered my face to the nest of blond curls between her legs blowing into her skin at the crease of the inner thigh. Her laughter turned to a contented sigh as my tongue sought the moist bud of her clitoris.

My own groin ached with excitement and anticipation as I licked her slick nether lips and tongued her tight cleft. Her fingers twined into my hair as I lightly sucked her clitoris. As her pelvis began to grind against my mouth I darted my tongue in an out of her slippery vagina. Her breath came in ragged gasps and her writhing grew more rhythmic. I sucked her clit harder and reached up both hands to cup her breasts. As I pinched her nipples, rolling them between my fingers her pitch became more insistent. Finally she groaned a long, harsh, lovely sound, clenching her body with pleasure as I brought her to climax.

I kissed my way up her body to her mouth lingering on the sweetness of her lips. Looking into her large, dark eyes, I said, "I love you."

"Oooooh, yes, I love you, my angel," she sighed hugging me tightly against her. Twining her long legs around mine she rolled us so we lay on our sides, face to face, bosom to bosom. We kissed intensely, lost in one another's mouths. Tears sprang to my eyes as my tongue slid across hers in this other sweet, soft part of her. No words could contain my emotion.

We held each other, stroking and cuddling as I marveled at her beauty in the flickering light. Twigs and leaves stuck in her disheveled hair and dirt stood out on her pale skin somehow making her more clean and elemental than soiled. "My little dryad, my woods nymph," I murmured in her ear. She snuggled down and suckled at my breast as I stroked her hair. She nipped my nipple between her sharp teeth as she slid her strong slender hands along my back and buttocks.

My groin was wet with my arousal and spasms of desire wrung through my loins. She bit a tingling trail down to my trembling thighs and finally to my sex. I shuddered and moaned as she traced what seemed like every nerve in my genitals with her slick fingers. Sliding them in and out at an ever maddening pace, she began to flick her tongue across my clit. I felt as if my heartbeat could be heard for miles as it pounded in my chest. The rustling of creatures in the wood and the song of birds on the wind was overwhelmed by the rushing of blood in my ears.

My world narrowed to her deft touch. As dawn touched the night bruised sky I broke loose with a joyful, wild cry. Gathering her up into my arms, I fell asleep with my nose pressed into her hair.