Thursday, March 19, 2009

Help, I have a GIANT Pussy!

For me, my early twenties were a wild, wild time. I was very bi-curious and finally, one very drunken night in 1993 I had my first full on lesbian experience. It was wonderful!

Women are wonderful to kiss, soft to the touch, and delicious to all the senses. I couldn't believe I'd waited so long to make love to a woman. The three of us rolled around, touching languorously for hours, cuddling, kissing and pleasing each other. It was my bisexual fantasy - being in bed with a tiny, cute redhead with small, pert breasts and a tall, leggy, honey-blond with big, juicy breasts. We explored each other until we fell asleep sometime around sunrise.

We awoke in a rumpled, tangled pile of arms and legs. My head was resting against a full, rounded breast and a mop of sweet smelling red hair was tucked under my chin. We all had breakfast, not saying much. We shot shy grins at one another. Someone proposed showering and going out.

After a bit of deciding who would shower first we all squeezed into the tub together and girlish, giggling fun ensued. I don't know how clean our hair got but I know our fingers were all pruny and we had the cleanest titties, twats, and booties in town about 40 minutes later. We never went out that day at all; we just changed the sheets and played lingerie dress up while feeding each other ice cream.

All day, something was bothering me. Now, I'd looked at my own genitals before and had a concept in my mind of what a woman's pussy looked like. The only problem was that from what I could tell by looking at the two real live women frolicking in my apartment - my pussy was way; I mean waaaay bigger than either of theirs.

Partway through the day, I brought up my issue. We organized a few side-by-side comparisons and both lovely ladies swore my cooch was exactly the same size as my compatriot's. I was skeptical so I went for my hand mirror to do a bit of comparison myself.

The elfish redhead took the mirror from me and began to chuckle, which turned into a full on belly laugh interjected with snorts. She handed the mirror to the honey blond beauty, tears of mirth streaking her face as gasping, she tried to speak. My other lover took one glance at the mirror and began to laugh as well. Finally, after gasping for air between titters, the taller girl said this to me.

"Honey, it's a magnifying mirror!"